Young woman’s dog takes care of the deer she once rescued

It’s a known fact that German shepherds are exclusively nice and devoted dogs. Just like most dogs, they are ready to risk it all just for their owner.

This dog called Sarge is very much like that. However, as the owner is a very kind soul and spends most of her time rescuing animals, the dog became very soft-hearted. According to the owner, the dog expresses empathy and concerns towards the animals she rescues.

Sarge and Cheryl live in-state Ohio, on a small farm. Cheryl there raises a different kinds of animals. However, those aren’t raised to become food. She later explained that when she was young she brought home the animals that got hurt on the streets and took care of them. She surely was kind and nature-loving once since an early age.

Cheryl now has two sons and both of them are also like their mom, very kind to any animal and in love with nature.

As Cheryl said, they got Sarge at a very young age. Now Sarge is almost nine years old. He was indeed the only dog they ever had that was purebred. Before Sarge, the family had only mixed-bred dogs. Otherwise, these dogs are called “mutts” and Cheryl thinks they are the best ones.

The vast majority of mutts were either given to them by the people who couldn’t afford to take care of the dogs anymore or were just abandoned and found on the streets.

As Cheryl remembers, the dog was not always this gentle and empathic towards others.

According to the owner, Sarge was a fierce dog and used to bite himself. Also, the german shepherd could walk after friends’ kids all around the house nonstop. However, once Cheryl brought a tiny wounded fawn home, the dog quickly became the guard for it.

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