Young girl saves the sable by adopting it, as she thinks they shouldn’t become a coat

Thanks to its amazing texture and beautiful shades, sable fur is having been thought to be one of the most luxurious materials in the world. This is the reason why breeding these animals became popular. In Russia nowadays there are more than seventy fur farms that operate.

Surprisingly, once a girl named Zhenya finds a sable and decides to take her home as a pet. She gave the sable a name: Umora. Now Umora is lives with the girl.

Zhenya is absolutely honest that adopting a sable was not a good decision as it is still a wild animal. It is not easy to train.

Zhenya did not think it will be hard to domesticate Umora, but now it is too late to change her decision. She got used to the sable.

The animal is a lot smaller than an ordinary cat. According to Zhenya it is also very light, moves really fast, and is very curious. Additionally, Umora wasn’t shy to scratch Zhenya, so in the beginning, she was walking with scratched fingers and bandaged hands all the time.

Luckily, the tiny animal doesn’t damage things in the house on purpose. Umora does take and hide stuff and is playful. Zhenya told that the stable has her hiding places and ways that it uses to run around the house quickly.

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