You will be shocked when you know on which the woman spend her money

Some people often prank on people and test their honesty. Most probably, you know that there are so many beggars in the United States.
And what do you think about how beggars behave when they get money?

During one show, the host approached one woman who was sitting at the bus stop.
When they talked with her it turned out that she had a son but no money. They have nowhere to live.

The man offered them money but the woman did not want to take it.
But later she accepted the gift from a stranger.

The man left but stayed nearby to see what she was doing with it.
So, the woman went to the nearest shopping center. She tried many outfits but she did not buy anything for herself.

Then she ordered ice cream and all this time she was watched by a man.
When she finished eating the ice cream she went to the shelter for pets.

She bought something from there and left the store.
Everyone was amazed. They could not resist and went to ask why she did it.

The woman described her act.
Food and clothes are material things, I need love and care from someone.

The dog will be my best friend and will please my child, she continued.

At that time, the host gave her more money for her and her son’s expenses.
Be good. Do good. That’s nothing but your kindness will save the world.

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