You cannot stay indifferent passing by this cutest dog

Dogs are the most caring creatures and could not be comparable with other animals.
This story is about Enzo, a special Golden Retriever.

Usually, Golden Retrievers are all similar to each other. They all have golden coats. But this hero is an exception.

This little buddy had the cutest marking on his face. The mark covers his nose and also the major part of his face.

This is because of pigmented somatic cell mutation.
And because of this many people could not believe that it was a golden retriever.

So, many of them ask the owner every time and get shocked.
But this special mark made him look special.

But the poor creature did not know why everyone gazed at him. He seemed to be the same as others. As he played, ran, and did everything the same as others.

This dog loves making new friends with everyone. The owners are very careful with him and do everything to satisfy his needs.

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