You cannot believe how the five-years-old boy acted when he found out his mom passed away

This story is something rare to hear. How this little boy saved his mom is hard to believe.
The mom was taking a shower when she suddenly fell off.

The boy decided that his mom was dead and started to act quickly.
He ran to their neighbor and asked for help.

When Jessica came she saw the boy holding his sister. At first, she thought it was a doll but it turned out to be his sister.

Jessica asked what happened and the boy thought that she was dead.
So, she hurried to call an ambulance. A couple of minutes later they arrived at the scene.


Soon it became clear that the mom was alive.
The mother was proud of his son as he saved her life and her sister’s.

The fire department awarded him for her heroic act. He could act quickly in emergencies.
So, parents should often talk with their children about such situations and teach them how to act.

This way they could save lives.
See the hero of this story Sal.

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