Why did the police officer adopt this baby girl?

The police officer named Jesse Whitten could not imagine that his life would change when he met this pregnant woman.
The policeman saw that the woman was pregnant and hurried to help her.

The couple helped the drug addict woman and took her to rehabilitation centers.
‘It was a strange friendship with her. It’s rare to meet someone homeless and pregnant’ he said.

Recently, he decided to introduce her to his wife.
And after some time the woman gave birth to a girl.

The woman asked the couple to adopt her daughter. The couple was already parents to 3 children. The woman did so as she wanted her daughter to have a family filled with love.

So, after 4 days, the baby went home with her adoptive parents.
They named her Harlow Macy Whitten.

‘I think that her mom is a good person and she did so only to save her daughter’s life’ told her adoptive mother.
The girl is already 6 months old and is living a healthy and happy life.

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