Where the tallest people are from

Tallness is attractive for men and women. Tutsis are considered to be the tallest people in the world. So, where are they from? And what gave them such a height?

Tutsi are about 2.5 million people living in Africa. Their tradition is cattle breeding.
Nowadays, they are also involved in other activities but breeding remains the main thing.

They are Catholic and speak different languages.
But the most popular feature of them is their height.

Tutsi men are almost 193 cm while European and Asian men are 178 and 170 correspondingly.
So, what helped them to be so tall?

Scientists believe that it depends on their genetics. And they explain this by their occupation. There is no grass in the area and the nerds move quickly.

So, they had to walk many kilometers that day and sometimes even ran for the herd.
And also one of their advantages is their long legs.

On the other hand, nutrition is also playing an important role in their growth.
They love dairy products and cereals.

And this in its turn has a positive effect on their bones.

But these people sometimes are abused and become subject to genocide.
And that’s the reason that the number of them is now declining.

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