When the police officer saved the owl the bird agreed to have a picture with him

Passers-by noticed an owl sitting in the center of the road. Cars drove near the owl and the bird got some damage.
People started to call the police and told them about the save.

Latrum already had experience dealing with birds so he wanted to handle this case.
So, when the man came he took off his jacket and approached the owl. So, he wrapped the bird with its jacket.

He covered its head and calmed the bird down.
Latrun took the bird and carried it to his car. The owl was so shocked. However, she did not show any aggression.

She was only confused and did not know what was happening. But she felt that the man did not have the intention to harm her.
Then, he allowed the man to photograph them together. The owl did not want to escape and attack the man.

She was thankful as he saved her life.
Then, the staff examined the owl and found out that she did not have any serious injuries and would feel better soon. Then she would be released into the wild.

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