When the owner got sick the cat did not leave her

If the cat got hungry and the owner was not in the kitchen he tried to take Alice there. At first, the cat started to meow, and when Alice noticed the cat and went to the kitchen.

‘Come and eat something with me otherwise you will die from hunger and then you will feed me?’ It seemed that the cat said this,
So, Alice followed the cat.

But then everything changed when she got sick. She lay in bed all day long. The cat liked that lifestyle but when he became hungry he took the woman to the kitchen.
The cat also did not want to eat alone.

After some time the woman came back to the kitchen to pour water and then the animal ran after her. The food and the water were untouched.
This made her angry but the situation did not change even in the evening.

‘I do not want to eat but the cat was hungry too’ thought the woman.
But when the cat saw that the woman wanted to eat something he immediately joined her.

It was clear that he was hungry too.
And then they both came back to bed.

‘Do not worry I will stay with you’. It seemed that the cat said this and laid next to Alice.

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