Wet puppies are sitting in the box in the middle of the woods

Ruslan came back from his friend’s house. It was dark outside and the path took him through the forest. When he was walking he heard a low squeak. Ruslan looked around and noticed a box. Ruslan found 5 puppies inside the box.

Puppies were all wet and frozen. When they saw the man they started to cry even louder. They hugged each other even closer to stay warm.
So, how did they appear there in such a condition?

Ruslan realized that soon they would die if he did not help them. He was the only one who could help them. So, he took them and carried them home.

Ruslan is an activist from an animal rescue center and he looked after many animals who needed it.
Now, he is living in a rented apartment with many animals whom he saved.

It turned out that puppies were newborns and he had to teach them how to eat alone.
At first, he fed them with a bottle and hoped that soon they would do it on their own.
Such a kind man!

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