Unusual Serbian Husky famed with pretty ocean eyes became a popular in internet.


This unique husky is a lovely pet of the social community.


In social media the dog became a star with 114 000 followers on instagram.The owners of this beauty named her SeQuoi or Quoi.

His owner Nick explained the motivation of the Quoi name with the sequoia tree. She said that the name can shape a character. She wanted Quoi to be strong and tall like a sequoia tree.

Per his owner Nicky Quoi with his attractive ocean eyes and brown plet is always in the centre of attention. Quoi is 100% husky.

Mostly people didn’t believe that Quoi is 100% Serbian Husky, because strangers always ask Niky about pretty dog. Although the dog is AKC certified.

Per Nikey “I didn’t plan to adopt Quoi, but when I met him he was the dog that I needed and loved.”


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