Unique dolphins have been seen near the Hong Kong waters

This pretty dolphin is one of a kind. The pink beauty is the most gorgeous ocean mammal.

Many wild creatures and especially sea species have been sighted not in their usual habitats, but in locations where they have never been seen before as a result of the epidemic and other human cruel acts. The Indo-Pacific dolphins, in this scenario, are the ones who return to their natural habitat.

Take a look at how amazing one of them looks!

More and more of these aquatic creatures have been seen traveling to Hong Kong seas as boat traffic has decreased over the previous several months. Which makes everyone involved in making the place a greater one for sea animals very happy.

According to a study, this place is home to about 2000 of these pink dolphins. So this makes them one of the most unique and unusual marine mammals. This species particularly are stunning. Everyone who is able to see them is very lucky.

One of the scientists stated that he had been monitoring these creatures since the 1990s. In fact, this was the most drastic transformation he had ever seen. Seeing the animals happily swimming and fully enjoying their day is what makes them happy.

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