Two lions finally reunited with the woman who raised them

The lions became wild when they saw the woman who raised them. The mother left the babies so they were given to a rescue center.
So, after this, they had to grow up with people and consider them as parents.

And this meeting saved their lives. Michaels loved animals so much and thanks to it the babies found a home and the love they needed.
The name of the woman was Adelle. Adelle called the animals darlings. She loved them so much.

So, they grew up and became big cats so they had to be relocated.
Malkia Park became their home. But their mother often visited them at the park.

It was an amazing moment to see how they reunite every time.
It was a heart-melting moment to see how the woman hugs her darlings every time.

The lions ran and cuddled the woman. They will never forget how the woman looked after them. They enjoy giving big hugs to their mother. You can also watch the reunion moment.

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