Trucker found a poor dog who insisted to lead him to his friend

Dan O’Grady is an animal lover. And this is a story with a happy ending.
Driving to Florida he saw a small dot on the street and could not stay indifferent.

So, he hurried to help the poor animal.
But the terrier had other plans.

When the man wanted to persuade the animal to come closer to him, he ran off and started to bark. The man chased him and something amazing he found.

The rabbit was thrown out by his owners. The animal was in bad shape and it was dirty. So, the man found that they both should be saved.

Then the man carefully picked up the rabbit.
The man fed the animals.

So, he took the animals to the shelter.
It was hard to find a convenient place for the animals to stay.

So, finally, the man could leave the animals in protected hands and continue his way.
No one knows what could happen if the man did not stop and help the animal. It’s nice that such kind people still exist.

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