Tina Karol visited a wounded rescue girl from Ukraine in Germany. A touching story

Singer Tina Karol visited a rescue girl in Germany who was being treated for injuries. She visited the girl and said incredibly touching words to her.
On April 10, Evgenia Dudko was wounded. Her rescue team came under rocket fire again. Rescuers cleared the rubble after the morning attack when the Dnipro International Airport was destroyed. Since then, Evgenia has been under observation for seven months and has already undergone 11 surgeries.

Tina’s arrival was of great importance to her. “Thank you for giving me the strength to fight my inner enemy — the fear that comes next,” she shared on social networks.

“I never stop thanking God. Even the trials I’m going through right now are something wonderful. And today is a special day. Today’s guest is Tina Karol. Believe me, she is a great person, ”says Evgenia.

“A few days ago, I accidentally saw an announcement that on November 12 a Ukrainian star would give a concert in Berlin. And somehow my hand held a mobile phone, and my fingers wrote: “Tinochka. I am a rescuer injured by a rocket and undergoing treatment in Berlin. I would be very glad to have your visit.” Oh, I didn’t even say hello. Because I didn’t expect an answer. But… After a few hours, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The message was from Tina Karol, ”the girl continues.

“When I realized that Tina was coming to me, I was afraid to tell anyone, so as not to spoil everything. Finally, this day has come. When she held my hand, of course, I cried. It was like I had known her for a long time. Tina captivates people with her beauty, kindness, and charm.

Therefore, I want to wish everyone that everyone has their dream. As long as you dream, you have the opportunity to create miracles in this world. Today I was visited by the People’s Artist of Ukraine! Tomorrow, I believe there will be a victory! ”Our heroine shared her impressions.
And we wish Evgenia a speedy recovery!

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