Till another dog comes along, a terrified stray dog will not allow anybody touch her

Saint was found one morn after staying overnight alone in a hunt for a safe shelter. At the end of the day, she sat on the veranda of one of the homes

Sometime later, as people passed by, they finally saw the poor dog there. Even though they wanted to help the poor animal, Saint didn’t let anybody come close to her. She was very scared. However, luckily the right person soon appeared.

Gina lived nearby when she got a call from a neighbor. She was told about Saint and rushed to see how she can be helpful. She chose to bring her dog with her as well. Gina’s dog’s name was Salty.

When she reached her destination, Saint was still very much scared. Thankfully, Salty helped.

As later stated, anyone that tried to approach Saint failed to do so. As the dog would bark or growl on them. Gina told that when she brought some chicken for Saint it didn’t trust her enough to eat it. But suddenly, Salty climbed near and began eating the meat.

As Saint saw one of his kind eating the chicken, she suddenly got chill. After she calmed down, she even let some get closer to her. After, she was taken to an animal care center nearby.

When Saint was taken to the rescue center, she was very cautious and scared. Only after she was taken to play with the other dogs, Saint became to feel safe and more comfortable.

She enjoyed receiving attention and spent her days with her friends playing. After a while, she finally softened and wasn’t afraid to meet new people. Her confidence grew day by day.

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