This young girl adopted 13 girls from Uganda

The name of this crazy and at the same time brave girl is Katie. When she turned 22 years old she left the college and adopted 13 children who left without parents.

And she started her journey in Africa.
Here she could look at people and kids who are in awful conditions.

These children are left without food and clothes.
When she came back to America she wanted to live life as before but she could not.

She could not forget about Uganda and its people.
So, she decided to return there.

And she created a charitable foundation and her parents was the first sponsors of her.
And during this time she looked after 13 children. She also found her man.

A man called Benji came to Africa as a part of that program. So, they started to communicate as they had common interests and soon got married.

Now they have a big family. They have 13 children from the orphanage and 2 of their own.

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