This young boy recycled 2 million bottles

The boy Ryan Hickman is 12 years old but he is already a businessman. His business is in the sphere of sorting waste and garbage.
Now he is the owner of such a company.

He started the business when he was three years old. When he and his dad went to take the garbage from the sorting station he soon understood that he liked the activity.

So, he gradually became interested in sorting used bottles.
And that was his first earnings.

But the parents did not like his idea of sorting the garbage.
But they respected his idea and started to support him.

The boy aimed to build an ecologically clean space.
When people asked him what motivated him to do so he replied.

‘When empty bottles appear in the ocean marine animals die because of this. That’s why this is an important thing to do.
Over the years he collected millions of bottles and earned thousands of money.

He earned money also for his further education.

He wants to be a great example for people who will also start acting like him.
A nice example for everyone.

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