This Yorkie endangered its life to save its owner

Sometimes kids and dogs share a special connection. Dogs are overprotective of their friends.
This Yorkie endangered its life to save the little owner.

This act of the animal proved again that animals are loyal to their owners.
Macy is living with her pet in Toronto. She enjoys playing with her owner.

But one terrible thing happened one day. The coyote came to their backyard and did not hesitate to attack the dog and the girl.

The child girl started to cry and asked for help. The most sensitive moment was when Macy did not escape and started to bark at the coyote.

Even when the animal bit the puppy, she continued protecting the girl. When the coyote understood that the dog would not give up.

As a result, Macy got serious injuries on her legs and body. When the owner informed about the cat she was concerned about the life of their pup.

The woman took Macy many years ago.
She considered Macy as her daughter.

Now Macy is undergoing special treatment and soon will feel better. Thanks to Macy, the little owner was saved.

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