This wonderfully adorable and one-of-a-kind mountain darling is facing extinction

Perhaps the cutest, most beautiful, and admirable creature ever seen.

The incredible species was discovered in 1983. The man who found out about the creature is Li Weidong and the little one is now considered to be one of the prettiest and most remarkable in the world.

Unfortunately, there are a little above thousand individuals left in the wild.

Since the 1980s, their population has decreased by about 70% making them go almost extinct.

When the conservationist Li realized that there is no one to look for and protect them, he felt very sad, and that’s why he decided to take matters into his own hands. He gathered a team that consisted of about 20 volunteers a few years ago intending to track down the animal and assist it as much as possible.

The man stated that the animal is critically endangered and that many of their former habitats are now deserted.

The compassionate man has high hopes that they will manage to save the extinct animal. In the Tianshan Mountains, very unusual and cute furry animals may be found up to approximately 13000 feet.

Thankfully, there are still kind people like Li left that continue to work and help wild animals.

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