This woman saved the poor cat who was on gasoline and they became best friends

This small creature was found next to a gas station. The kind woman decided to take him and they became best friends.

The woman appeared there on time and saved his life.
When she found the animal, he was almost dead. But then everything changed.

See Andy.
It’s already been a year since the girl found this cat. At that time, he was so little and was almost dead. The kind girl could not stay indifferent and took him from there. That meeting was fatal.

At that moment, the girl understood that they are special to each other and that they could not live without each other.

The cat did not want to sleep without hugging her hands. And he continues keeping it all night, said the girl.
The girl also said that her parents abandoned her when she was just born and then a kind family adopted her.

So, I found this cat at the place where I was born, she tells.
They were both orphans and that’s why she felt that the cat was her soul mate.

Now they do not sleep without each other. The girl felt alone all her life but then everything changed.

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