This woman did not want to adopt the kitten but when they met her heart melted

The owner of the cat called Belarus keeps animals in her home. But then she made a decision.
The cat came to the shelter and hoped that soon she would find kind owners.

The animal needed love and care and she demanded attention from people who saw her.
Again, when she saw a new visitor she stood up and looked into her eyes and prayed for something.

When they left she lay and waited for the next visitor.
One day, Rachel scrolled through her Instagram and saw an adverb about this cat. So, she hurried to meet the cat at the shelter.

She later confessed that she never wanted to adopt cats but this one was special and she loved her from the very first moment.
So, the woman understood that she had to take this poor creature.

‘She followed me wherever I went’ she said. And I had no more personal life.
Even when she takes a bath she sits and waits for her.
She waits for the woman every day to return from work and wants to be sure that everything is fine with her. Such an amazing story.

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