This wolfdog cried at her grandma’s graveside

Passersby saw how the wolfdog cried at her grandma’s graveside and it made them cry too.
The granddaughter later shared the video where you can see how the animal cried on the grave.

It was strange as she had never cried before. It was an unbelievable moment.
Some viewers thought that it was like sneezing but others said that it was not.

She never did this before and most probably this is how she dealt with loss. She was crying.
Doctors also did not understand what it was.

But they found that the animal was in good health and it was not because of any pain.
So, there are many opinions but the most real one was that the animal was crying because she lost her lovely owner.

This is how animals deal with their loss. Everyone felt sorry but no one waited that the animal would feel the same pain as her relatives.

‘Our family and the animal miss her so much’ Sarah said. Let’s hope that soon the animal will overcome this loss. We will do everything for her.

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