This widower with her son looks after children abandoned by their parents

The kind man looks after abandoned children. The man had many challenges in his life but he stands on his feet and continues struggling. He had a disabled son and lost his lovely wife.

The man slo had cancer and is now struggling with his disease.
He knows well how difficult it is to live without your loved ones.

So, he decided to give his life to ill children.
Children who have days left to live spend their life in hospitals but due to this kind man they feel warmth and love at the end of their lives.

The man had 80 children.
He loves all of them, he hugs, kisses and plays with them all the time.

Some children are motionless but still they feel warm.
‘We should help each other,’ says the man.

We all should unite and support each other when needed.
He hopes that every child will feel happiness at least at the end of their life.
His act is worth praising.

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