This was the cutest reunion ever, these siblings recognized each other after a year

Mimi and Lucky are siblings but had to be separated as their owners were forced to do so. Two different owners appeared and they could not live together.

Once, Lucky’s owner came to the city with her pet and walked around the park.
Imagine the moment, when a white-colored version of the dog came there.

Mimi and Lucky differ from other dogs. They did not even make a sound.
They understood each other from nothing. So, these two recognized each other and embraced. They did not want to leave each other.

They recognized each other from nothing and enjoyed the moment.
Their behavior amazed the owners and they wanted to find out what was going on.

So, they started to talk with each other and they found out that the pets are siblings.
The babies did not want to part away but they had to. But they decided to bring them to the park often so that they can meet and play together.

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