This was the cutest reaction when the dog met his new friend for the very 1st time

It’s interesting to see how the family met another one. These kinds of relationships are important not only for the pets but also for the people.
This story melted thousands of people’s hearts. The video was shared on social media and surprisingly got many likes and comments.

Kate, the author of the video, shared their meeting of her lovely dog with the little cat. The cat was too small and was about 4 weeks old. But he was lucky to find a caring family and close friends.

When Lucy first met the little one there, she was not happy as she had to share all the love and care with it.
During the years, Lucy was the only pet in their home so it was unusual for her to see another one. She looked at the host very carefully from all sides.

After this, an amazing friendship started.
They differ from each other but they had the most adorable connection.
The girl always shares cute videos of their life.

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