This was an emotional reunion of a dog and his owner who was missing for 200 days

Pets always touch and amuse us with their stories.
This story is about a dog named Blue who was missing for 200 days. But now he is finally reunited with his owner.

A couple of months ago the owner of Blue was accepted for a new job and had to move to Texas. And during this trip, he lost his dog.
It seemed impossible to find the dog. So the man had to move without finding him.

After 200 days he got a call from one of his friends who said that a dog very similar to Blue was noticed. And the friend sent him a video so the man could be sure if it was Blue or not.

The man knew it was Blue. He sat in the car and drove to where the pet was.
Everyone was amazed by the moment when they saw how the dog reacted to his owner.

The dog could not stop licking him and wagging his tail.

Everyone who heard about the story was touched by this.
Luckily, they found each other even after such a long breakup.

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