This was an amazing friendship among dog and a little cat

This small white cat finally found a new friend. And its new friend became a caretaker.
The cat was thrown when it was 3 weeks old. It was tiny and unkept. He needed care and attention.

But then the employee of the place named Kim Downey took the baby. There, the pet named Skywalker waited for the meeting with the owner.

The dog understood that the baby needed love and attention. The cat also saw the lost mom. And they immediately became friends.
The dog named Mojito was a therapy dog. He often visits nursing homes and hospitals.

The cat is an egoist one but he was very connected to the dog.
But when the baby became older he had to accept the reality. And all privileges were ended.

Mojito is very happy with the family.
But Skywalker had to accept the busy schedule of the dog.

So, this was an amazing friendship among a cat and a dog that no one could imagine. They were best friends and are inseparable. Moreover, they are always ready to help each other.

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