This wandering dog came to the wedding ceremony and was eventually adopted by the couple

The bride and the groom are always at the center of everyone’s attention on their day. But sometimes unexpected guests also get attention.

This story happened with a couple when a stray dog came to the wedding ceremony and won everyone’s hearts.

At first, he sat down and waited for the couple to appear.
And when they came, the dog ran to the car where they were.

The girl was amazed by seeing their unexpected guest. But she could not stop and talk with it.
The dog stayed there till the end.

The guest also cuddles with them. Everyone was amazed by seeing this.
And at that time Tamiris said, ‘I want to adopt the baby’.

But they could not take the animal at that moment as they should continue celebrating the wedding till the end of the day.

But after the banquet, the couple looked for the animal.
And they finally found him near the coffee shop.

The dog was happy to see the couple again. And then his happiness did not know any boundaries when he realized that he would be adopted by them.

The couple called him Braia Caramelo de Jesus.

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