This wandering cat approached the nurse and asked for help

The cat was first spotted in the yard of a high-rise building when he was a puppy. The residents called him Vaska.

He was living quite well. Residents become used to him and never hurt. They often fed and looked after them.

Vaska was indifferent to everyone besides one woman. Every time he saw the woman he sat next to her. The woman also liked him.

But after some days his mood changed and he became sad. He now did not allow her to pet him. And he started only to look at the nurse.

Once, when she was coming back from home she saw him but not in his usual place. He was next to her apartment. The woman understood that he was there for some reason.

The woman looked carefully at the animal and understood what happened to him.
His ears were damaged and that was the reason for his bad mood.

The woman could not pay all the medical expenses for the treatment so she called the volunteers.
The doctors neutered him. But he could no longer live in the street.

So, he was sent to a breadwinner who would temporarily take care of him.
Let’s hope that soon he will be completely recovered.

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