This unique cat called Kya has a Squishy face

Kaya has a face that melts everyone’s hearts.
She has a Squishy face and because of it she always looks angry.

Odelkis Barrera knew that she should save her when they met.
Kaya was 4 weeks old when she was found emaciated and dehydrated. Also, her body was covered with fleas.

She needed special care and treatment.
So, she was now under her care and after this, she started to gain weight and then she started to shine.

She is very active and joyful. She enjoys being surrounded by many people.
People who started to talk with her immediately loved her. She has an amazing charm that melts everyone’s hearts.

She gets along well with people and also with other animals.
She has a great personality and she always wants to be loved, said Barrera.
Her lovely toy is a box. And when she is lost you can find her inside it. She is a lovely creature.

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