This two-legged dog saved from Afghanistan recovered at his new home

Sometimes disabled dogs could not find families. Even disabled people could not get warmth and love.

But this is an incredible story. The poor dog was barely saved and then sent to the US.
The dog called Mazar was injured during a car accident.

The poor dog was left without care and no one knows his fate.
But once, kind people suddenly found the poor dog and took it to the hospital.

Because of the lack of medicines the dog was not completely recovered. But he was strong and did not want to give up. Soon, he was sent to a shelter.

From his appearance, it was clear that he was a family pet. Many people thought that the owners left him while departing from Afghanistan. So, the dog was left alone.

Louise Hastie was serving in Afghanistan. And now she posted a touching video about the dog.
After watching it, one woman loved the animal from first sight and contacted Louise.

So, she wanted to adopt the animal.
Mazer was sent to England. Now he is undergoing the recovery process.

Helene has special attention to disabled dogs. And that was the reason why she preferred adopting such animals.

She aimed to make people understand that such animals also have the right to be loved and cared for.

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