This twin born by holding hands

The beautiful twins were born in July. Their birth was special as they held each other’s hands. And this is not the thing you could see every day. So, they became popular around the world.

They were born in one amniotic sac and that was dangerous for their life. And unfortunately, most of such cases end in the death of one of them.

‘When I saw the moment I started to cry, my husband was also excited,’ said the mother.
All the staff was touched by this case.

A year passed and nothing has changed. The twins are still close.
They have a special bond. They do everything together and always hold hands.

And if you want to separate them they will start to cry. They could not imagine life without each other.

The twins are so similar to each other that the parents even mix them up. But they have a brother who never mixes them. And every time the parents do so, he corrects them.

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