This tiny deer loved tummy rubs and now won’t leave the man’s arms

Take a look at this adorable and fun video that will melt your heart, of a tiny deer enjoying tummy rubs:

The young man in the following scene is Anthony Dean. He is from Louisa Kentucky. One day, returning from work he encountered a baby deer, who looked very frightened and lost. So, he decided to take the small animal with him and make sure it is safe.

Before releasing the baby deer, Anthony did a few rubs on the animal’s tummy. Seemingly, the baby really enjoyed those, as afterward, it strictly refused to go down from his arms.

Both in the video and in the photos it can be seen that whenever Anthony moves to put the deer down, it starts to resist. It will also start exclaiming.

The only way it keeps calm and silent is when it is back in the man’s arms and when Anthony rubs its tummy. Seems like it is the deer’s most delightful state. The cameraman also stated in the video that the little deer don’t want to go anywhere.

Even when they found the baby’s mom, the tiny one still did not want the man to let go. The mother stands nearby waiting when the baby will finally get tired of it and come off of Anthony’s arms.

Little stomach pats were all that the tiny deer ever desired.

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