This teenager saved children from a burning house

The boy named Anatoly saved 2 brothers from burning. No one was at home beside the children.
The mother of the children was at work when everything happened.

Once, the teenager smelled smoke coming from the house. Not everyone would sacrifice this to help others. So, he ran to help without hesitation. The house was overall on fire.

The boy ran to the house to help the children. He took Ilya in his arms and shouted to Andrei to leave the house.

When the fire reached the balcony the brothers were already outside.
When we heard about it, we hurried home, said the mother.

The children were afraid of what happened. No one knows what could happen to them if Toyla did not help them.
It took a long time for the firefighters to put out the fire.

The parents were proud of the boy who saved their children’s lives.
Thanks to him, everything ended happily and everyone was saved.

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