This teenager from a technical school baked bread to save the city from hunger

A 20-year-old from Kharkov has helped his countrymen bake thousands of loaves of bread since the start of the Russian invasion.

When factories stopped working due to shelling, and the city was left without bread for two weeks, the guy himself began to bake bread. At this time, he even spent the night in the kitchen.

He said that the music column played at full volume so that he could not hear the explosions and shelling, and that bread was rising next to him.

Dmitry was one of the first chefs who started baking bread in Kharkov after the outbreak of the war. When the shelling of the city had just begun, life in Kharkov changed dramatically, bakeries and other enterprises ceased to be viable.

It was dangerous to deliver bread from the region. They even rejoiced at stale bread. “At first, only the city center and the Heroes of Labor were bombed. It was very loud, sometimes the windows trembled from the explosions,” says Dmitry Zhukov.

At the age of 20, Dimitri baked his first wartime loaves of bread at this restaurant. He had just graduated from a technical school and had not yet had time to get a job when Russia began to bomb peaceful cities.

The young man was going to register in the defense. And suddenly his girlfriend called, who has her restaurant. “The defense also needs people, but you can help in another way,” the girl said.

So the guy became a volunteer baker. He created his bread recipe and baked it under extreme conditions.

Since the beginning of the war, he has baked over 10,000 loaves of bread. Everything for soldiers, police, medical personnel, and civilians on Saltovka. They got bread for free.

To give a box of bread in the morning, the guy had to work all night. Incredibly, he returned home only once after the war. It was life in the kitchen.

“Two layers of foam and blankets. I recently started sleeping at home, but it’s uncomfortable,” says the young man.

He has not yet returned home. People like his bread.
What a respectful job!

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