This single mother with low income built an amazing mini house

Michele is from Sherwood and is working as a waitress in one of the city’s cafes.
She did not even have a house so she was forced to pay money for a rented house.

But she decided to have real estate and eventually it turned to work as a business.
Michelle is a single mom and raises her kid alone. It was hard for her to fulfill all their needs.

She was dreaming about having her house as she spent all her money only on the rent and food.
So, she could not collect money for anything else.

But when her children grew up she started to live separately and now it’s possible to collect money.
So, she got a small plot of land and built a house.

She had a cozy room and a kitchen.
Now she pays only $55.

But she did not stop. She turned the house into an advertisement.
And now many people asked her for help.

According to her recommendations, many people built their houses.
And this became her business.

Now she can afford a lot.
This is her story of success. Never give up and you will reach your goals.

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