This siamese cat was the only one found alive. Now he has a favorite toy and a loving owners

The director of Mini Cat Town. It is located in San Jose, state California. She adopted a small cat. Yeti, the kitten, had all his fur covered in fleas, very dirty and weak.

Luckily, he was strong enough to eat food on his own. However, he still had to feed on the syringe once in a while.

And what occurred to his sisters, mom, and brothers – it normally stayed a mystery with seven seals.

Laura, similarly to cleaning Yeti and getting him free of fleas, needed to address his issues with the gastrointestinal tract.

However, correct maintenance, a warm living place, love, and balanced food did their job – the cat’s health got better and commenced to recover, gaining weight, creating improvement in development, and turning into a lot of active and cheerful each day. The cat became fluffier and got bigger in size.

Yeti’s most loved toy was a puppy plushie. Even after the cat got hew owner he still was inseparable from his plushie. Not a single person wanted to try to seperate them.

After so many difficulties, Yeti can eventually fully enjoy his days. Now he is living with loving and caring people and enchants even the stranger’s hearts.

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