This sad dog was adopted a moment before being euthanized

Many animals are on the list of being euthanized.
But this dog’s life was saved at the last minute. He finally found an owner who truly loved him.

Madeline Garvis met the dog who was the saddest creature in the shelter.
It was an old dog named Bear.

No one wanted to take him and he lost hope.
And he was on the euthanasia list.

Madeline decided to go outside with him and see if something would change.
After a while, the dog turned out to be joyful. So, it turned out that he loves being outside.

Fortunately, this story ended happily. And Bear found his loving owner.
‘I do not believe that Bear ended up in the shelter. He is so sweet and kind,’ told the woman.

Love changed him so much. Now he is unrecognizable.
The shelter staff loved him and they all are happy as he finally found loving owner who will look after him properly.

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