This real-life Tarzan became a social media star due to his amazing connection with wild animals

Kody Antle is known as a real-life Tarzan today.
The man keeps an appropriate image of his name.

He has long hair and sometimes wears leopard shorts.
He is doing the same business as his father. So, he trains wild cats.

And his family is the only one who is engaged in training the largest wild cat in the world.
This cat is a mix of a lion and a tiger. His weight is about 410 kilograms.

Kody’s dad did research and found out that such ligers lived on our planet many years ago.
Kody always interacted with them and learned how to train them since childhood.

He feels comfortable with these animals. But he always keeps the safety rules.
Moreover, the family also keeps an elephant and a chimpanzee.

The man could not imagine his life without them. He spends most of his time with animals.
He does everything for their better life.

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