This puppy is waiting for the new owners to be adopted

When you want to adopt an animal, be sure about your time management. They need love and care so you should take this into consideration.

The animal named Vicente was three months old when someone wanted to adopt it.
So, the day came but the men did not appear.

He just called the center and let them know that he is not ready for this. The poor animal was dressed up and was waiting for him but he did not come.

The animal was desperate. The shelter staff also felt sorry for the puppy.
They decided to share this on social media.

They wrote about the case and suggested being responsible when adopting a puppy.
After hearing the case, many people wanted to take the animal.

And fortunately, the dog finally found a permanent home and responsible owners.
The family promised to be careful of the animal.

They will give him lots of love and attention.
It’s hard to imagine how many people could act like this.

If you are not ready for this, do not do it. Animals do nor deserve such an attitude. Be careful with them.

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