This pregnant dog got her own maternity photoshoot

A beagle called Koko was livin in an awful condition and was used for only breeding. But once she was saved by the director of the animal shelter.

And she was sent for temporary housing to a girl called Cary Smith.
Koko was shy at first but then everything changed.

She wanted to be a part of the family.
Cary Smith was glad to have the dog as she was very positive and also photogenic.

So, once the girl decided to have a maternity photo of the dog.
Usually this was done for people.

‘I promised her to make her happy and also that she would never give birth again’ she said.
The results were amazing and it made Koko popular on social media.

Many users praised the girl for her act.
The girl hoped that soon Koko would find a permanent home and caring owners.

But still she is living with Cary Smith.

Soon she will be fully recovered and ready for adoption.
The girl’s act is worth praising.

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