This popular blogger shared photos of her son and amazed everyone

Kate Mezenova is a popular blogger with almost 2 million followers. She gained everyone’s interest by talking about her beauty secrets. She often posts pictures of her family.

When she became a mother it was so hard for her and talked about her difficulties with social media. And once she posted her son’s photo on Instagram. The son was without clothes and retouching.

But their son has a skin feature and she was worried while posting the photos on social media. They showed their son to the best doctors but no one understood the reason for this. And recently, they found a specialist who suggested his help.

There is little chance, we cannot remove the overall problem but we can reduce the risk, said the doctor.
So, 7 years is required to reach the goal so that Max could live a full life, shared the mother on her page.

Experts believe that they should spend 420,000 euros on this problem.

But they did not have enough money for this. So, they turned to a charitable foundation, and let’s hope that soon they will gather enough money.

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