This poor with tortured jaw did not lose hope of finding a caring family

Zeke is very kind and joyful, no one wanted to take him. The reason was that he differed from other animals.
Zeke won many people’s lives but yet not the potential adopters. Many people remain indifferent to the animal.

Because of the defects the dog had a deformed jaw. He already underwent some surgeries but still needs some. But even this did not prevent him from being in a good mood.

His appearance amazes many individuals. When he appeared at the shelter, he was adopted for a while but not for a long time. The owners had some difficulties and they had to return the dog to the shelter.

But he did not lose his hope.
No one can help him, said one of his caretakers. He loves to be in the center of everyone’s attention. He also enjoys talking with people. All animals at the shelter love him.

He will be very loyal to his future owners.
He did not lose hope and let’s hope that soon he will find the family he deserved.

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