This photo where the police officer comforted a dog who was hit by a car went viral on social media

Joshua Fiorelli is an amazing example of kindness.
Carlos Irizzy suddenly saw a touching scene while walking with his dog. The police officer found a poor animal who was hit by a car.

Sometimes, dogs who have pain are aggressive but this one was surprisingly calm. She needed someone’s comfort.
The man took off his jacket and put it in.

The passers-by were amazed by seeing this and decided to capture the moment. As this was not the thing that could happen every day.
So, the man comforted him and waited till the help arrived.

The dog was wet as it was cold outside and he could not leave the poor animal all alone.
She was unprotected and injured.

When the help came, the rescuers took him to the shelter where she got treatment.
She needed to be operated on and the staff hoped that she would soon feel well.

But they could not find a microchip. So she will stay there until the owners are found.
The man was very happy as the dog was already feeling better.

This photo of a man and a dog went viral.
It was an example of love and care.

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