This old veteran planted 17000 trees over the years

It would seem easy to plant trees but this requires great effort. You should dig a hole and fill it with water.

This story is about a man who despite his health problems and age planted 17000 trees.
The man named Ma Sanxiao is 70 years old and was engaged in planting trees for over 20 years.

Now he had a large forest.
He started to deal with farming after coming back from the military.

During serving in the military he got an infection and because of this, he had to amputate his legs.
Now the family had to pay a huge amount of money for his treatment.

They hoped to save at least one leg.
The man decided to help his family by paying the costs and started planting trees.

But in his condition, it’s quite a dangerous and difficult thing.
Local authorities heard about his activity and paid off the loans to his family.

But he did not stop and continued planting trees.
He decided to plant trees until the last days of his life.

His memory will always remain after his death.
His act is worth praising.

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