This old man brings a picture of his wife to the restaurant to eat together

The man named Clarence Purvis proved to everyone that true love exists. He is now 93 years old and he lived with his wife for about 63 years. His wife has been dead for 4 years but his feelings are the same.

The couple got married at a young age and lived together for about 63 years. And only the death of his wife separated them.
They used to dine together in one of their lovely restaurants. And that habit remained the same even after her death.

”We are always together,” he said.
He took a photo of his wife every time he went to their lovely restaurant.

The owner of that restaurant told that the man became a part of their restaurant. And his loyalty touched many hearts. He proved that love exists.

The man said that he was often advised to marry again but he never thought about it.
‘I cannot love someone the way I loved my wife and I will always love her, ‘ he said.

And we had so many dreams together.

We lived a happy life together and had everything we wanted.
‘I miss her. I think that she is always with me,’ he added.

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