This old dog loves hugging to her toy banana

See Tessa, a 20 years old dog who always has been attentive with those who take care of her.
The family has amazing parents, and neighbors, but this wonderful dog is irreplaceable.

Tessa has a toy and adores it. Although it was not alive, she enjoys playing with it.
Tessa’s mom named Shanna Loren said that she got this toy after the strange dog harmed her lovely toy.

Tessa was so upset that the mother decided to get another toy and got this one.
I suddenly noticed the toy in the shop and thought that she would like it as it was the shape of toys that she likes.

She cuddled with the toy as soon as I gave it to her.
Tessa loves the toy so much that she shows it to everyone she meets.

She is very careful with the toy and always acknowledges it to people to ensure no one would harm it.
People treat the toy carefully so that the dog would be calm.
Such a crazy connection among the dog and its toy.

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