This nobleman has a tendency of cuddling with lions and tigers who have been freed from captivity as a result of his efforts

This friendly man spends most of his time hugging and playing with wild animals.

Although lions and tigers are among the most dangerous and wildest animals on the planet, their beauty and uniqueness are unparalleled. Despite the fact that those monsters are incredibly voracious and aggressive, this man spent a massive amount of time with them.

The couple runs a wildlife rescue center in Africa, where two leopards, ten lions, three tigers, and a cheetah live in peace, with all of their needs met.

The man explained that all of the animals were born imprisoned and were rescued by them. They now have a lifelong home and loving human parents to look after them all. They also stated that if given the chance, they would rescue the rest of the enslaved animals suffering in other areas of the world.

Of course, the man is well aware that cuddling and snuggling with such vicious creatures are quite risky. Those animals, he adds, require respect and a lot of love from people.

He also states that some people believe he puts his life at risk on purpose, but he honestly values taking care of and appreciating those animals.

Take a look at their adorable interaction in the following video:

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