This mini horse did not have friends but soon befriended with the dogs

The horse called Teddy was ignored by his relatives because of his mother. The mom was aggressively protecting him and as a result the horse left without friends.

But then everything has changed towards better.
Teddy’s mom was concerned about him and attacked anyone who wanted to approach the baby.

So, no one wanted to bypass Teddy because of his mom.
But soon she would be isolated because of her illness. So, the baby was left alone.

Now, he was all alone and had no friends who would comfort her. Moreover, everyone avoided him. He hoped to talk with anyone but to no avail.

But soon, the dogs came to help the poor horse.
The horse was shocked and did not know how to play with them.

But he gradually became used to the dogs and started to play with his new friends. After some time, other animals also understood that they could already approach him.

His mother was no longer with him. And now he has so many friends.

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